Here's My Routine.

Hi everyone i have been asked by my friend on what my routine is. When she first asked me well i was a bit confused, she said my beauty routine in the morning and bath time routine at first i asked why she wanted to know (that's a personal thing) she replied because she is having some trouble trying to to find her products and a routine to stick to. So after that i went into full description mode told her everything then i thought there maybe other ladies out there that need help with this thing so here what i do. Remember what works for me might not work for you.
I have had my fair share of products and days when i didn't want to leave the house coz i had a face full of spots i was one of them people that bought every new product that came out and claimed they are miracal workers for spots and clearer skin but nothing worked trust me i know i got picked on everyday at school for it. Until recently (and i am in my 20's now) i was looking threw my nannas Avon book and found a 3  step products for £7.
I have to admit they are the only thing that has kept my face clear (to get clear skin use everyday never miss a day trust me you will know about it).

My current products are Avon Clear Skin Professional 1 - 3 apparently these have a thingy call Salicylic Acid. 
Step 1: wash my face with the face wash
Step 2: use the annoying face pads to wipe down your face (i alwasy get this in my eye and it stings like a fucker)
step 3: cover you face with the correcting lotion
At night i used Antibacterial soap to wash my face then i apply Clearasil Ultra Over night serum

My bath routine: I am not 5 but i like to prep.
First i put caster oil in my hair very sparingly because it's very think leave for 20 - 30 mins in a warm temp is better (this helps my hair grow stronger and grow quicker. 
I drop some lavender oil (for relaxation) or tea tree oil (to treat the body) in to the bath with it running.
I always exfoliate with a body wash with gritty bits in.
I wash my hair either in tresemer repair shampoo or john sons baby shampoo.
What i get out the bath i use Vaseline essential moisture with pure oat extract + stratys for multi layer moisture or bio oil (which i have run out of at the moment)

My friend told me lately that Natural Oil's can help, at first i was thinking my face don't need more oil its got enough of it's own! But i went home and researched what she told me and i am gunner start using Argan Oil It is supposed to help with skin conditions and scarring left after spot and zits also it is supposed to be a great body moisturizer and good for the hair.

I will keep you updated on the process of Argan Oil i will use it for about a month just to make sure it has had efficient time to work. 
When i start using the oil it will replace my Vaseline moisturizer and the caster oil in my hair  it will also replace my night cream as well (it claims to work better at night).

If you want any more advice please get in touch.

What products do you use? 
Do you use commercial products or naturals?

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