Making decisions for 2013

What do you think of New year resolution-ions...... i personally hate them you make them but you never stick to them, Do you know what i call them "2013 life decisions" (not a very good name but there is no pressure if you do slip)

2013 Life Decisions:
1: Don't buy clothes make them instead, Don't buy shoes or books you have too many.
(You want a career in clothing make your own clothes it's a start, the only thing your allowed to buy is underwear. Read book you have got first, you have many shoes wear them)
2: Organize affordable payment plans for your outstanding debt be realistic. 
(Its not much but it needs paying by this time next year be focused and committed and don't wander from it there's no excuses.)
3: Learn to drive. 
(this is the only thing you have to concentrate on in 2013 remember your life depends on it....)

I have choose these 3 as there quiet important to me for 2013, i do have big dreams but if i get the small stuff out the way first then the big stuff will be easier to get to. Hopefully.

What are your life decisions? Are they as crazy as mine!
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