DIY: Time Capsule

Let me explain in more detail in 2014 i plan on a 
ROAD TRIP AROUND AMERICA (one state at a time), this time capsule tin is my saving's tin i don't trust banks as they always want money from you some way or another. I write little notes about how i feel or what i want on post it notes then post them in the box and not to be opened till the first day of my trip to America. I will be able to see how i felt and what got me down when i open the tin also i will see what i can change to make things better and see how much money i plan on saving, i have glued the top of the tin on so if anyone tries to steal you will be able to hear it coz they wont get into it with out a fight.
Oh and it was made from a sweet tin inside there was really old sweets like black jacks, fruit salads, sherbet dip and marsh mellows.

Time Capsule not to be opened till 2014.

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