DIY: Basic zebra striped skirt

How to and tutorial at the bottom
I got the idea from this picture of fern cotton's skirt

What yo need: 
Zebra fabric (from the local market)
elastic (already had)

Cost £3.99

How to:
1: Measure around the waist the add a few inches for gather, measure again for the elastic but take a inch or a few cm away (you don't want it so it's gunner split you in half nor do you want it to fall off you)
2: Pin the edge in place, pin the bottom in place, pin the waist band in place sew them all with a double stitch.
3: Leave a opening on the waist band so you can thread the elastic threw on the end of a safety pin. When both ends of elastic joins stitch them together securely.
4: Stitch the hole up and organize the gather, wear when ever you want.

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