Around The World Traditions - Finland

Ladies and gentleman tonight i have been researching other countries traditions trying to find out if there the same as ours in the UK i have come across some very interesting findings here what i found.

I started with Finland first, i always wanted to go there: 

They have Christmas which is the same as the UK they just call it Joulu.

5th February - Rune berg's dayJohan Ludvig Runeberg (5 February 1804, Jakobstad – 6 May 1877, Porvoo) was a Finland-Swedish poet, and is held to be the national poet of Finland. Many of his poems deal with life in rural Finland. The best known of these is Bonden Paavo, The first poem "Vårt land", (Our Land, Maamme in Finnish) became the Finnish National Anthem. Runeberg is celebrated on the 5th of February each year, and these tarts are served in his honor.

St Valentines day The 14th of February, is celebrated in Finland as Ystävän Päivä (Friends' Day), and holds none of the romantic connotations as it does in the UK and USA. It is simply a day to send cards to friends, and to wish each other 'Happy Friends' Day'. 
(I find it very fascinating how they call it day of the friend and we call it day of the lovers, very interesting.)

Midsummer - JahannusThis is arguably the most important festival for most Finns. It is held on the first Saturday after the summer solstice, but in reality it lasts many days, often beginning people's summer holiday. It is primarily a family holiday where all generations come together from far and wide, often travelling back from abroad if necessary. The whole point is to create a sort of back-to-nature feeling; wood-fired saunas are lit, charcoal grills fired up, swimming costumes and light summer clothing is worn (even if the temperature doesn't always support this). Most cottages are by lakes or the sea, so there is much swimming and sailing, and enjoying the 'night-less night'. Many stay up very late, perhaps even enjoying a dawn walk before collapsing into bed. It is around this time that young people may have their first romance, and that older ones may rekindle dwindling flames.

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