3 Back To Basic Make Up Tutorials

I am not much of a make up person mainly because make up gives me spots and makes my skin very bad, but i have recently found a site called styleblazer they have how to videos, so me being curious person that i am i watched some of the videos and found it very help full (even for me). 
They didn't over load you with expensive products or too many products it was simple and no fancy techniques is needed just back to basics.
So after that i went threw my make up bag (had to dust it off first) and did the check list if i didn't need it i threw it way there's no point in keeping it if i am never gunner use it.

Here's the 3 videos that helped me

These 3 videos helped me there basic and very straight forward no frills just plain explanation which is what we want these days thanks you ladies very helpful.

To find out more about styleblazer they have a website http://styleblazer.com/#

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