The "What do you want for Christmas" conversation with Mr Husband

So as we all know Christmas just around the corner so everyone is going shopping crazy which i think is rather silly and this is going to be my humbug rant with some rather crazy christmas conversations

Reasons why i hate christmas:
1: thing's are more expensive 
2: there's too many scary people with no manners! 
3: too much stress for anyone to enjoy anything.
4: you spend money you don't have.

December is the time of year i hate i am a bit of a humbug for me Christmas can come and go in a heart beat, its not a time of year i celebrate the only half decent thing is my birthday is on the 23rd of December but as i am not a drinker and i have no money i don't do nothing for it.
I think what killed Christmas for me was one year my mother told us we had to bring our own present down from her bedroom and put them in our own piles, trust me it never had the wow factor when i opened them the next day. 
In 2010 i got married and nothing changed it wasn't magical it was still boring and you get present you don't really want so that's just wasted money really. Like i said i am a humbug!

This year Mr Husband asked what i wanted this is how that conversation went - 

Mr Husband - what do you want for christmas?
Me - Nothing, i already have shoes and i make my own clothes i don't want nothing.
Mr Husband - What are you going to open on christmas day, if you don't let me buy you a present!
Me - We need to come up with a plan on this one.
Mr Husband - i agree, what do you want for christmas then? oh and what's the plan.
Me - spend £30 on each other and 3 presents only and no silly presents or joke ones!
Mr husband - That's a great idea we will do that, now what do you want for Christmas?

As you can tell from this conversation we were not getting now where fast so i put my humbug aside and as always gave in to him 3 presents £30! 
That night i was in my room finishing my outfit i had made and i really thought hard about what i wanted and nothing came to mind at all other than getting my tattoo finished, when my grandad died i started getting the tattoo we designed together but could never save to get it finished summat always popped up unexpected bill or the car needed something doing to it. I quickly ran down stairs and this is how the conversation went.

Me - i want my tattoo finished
Mr Husband - good get it done then!
Me - no i mean my christmas present can be getting my tattoo finished for me
Mr Husband - that's more than £30 i don't think that counts.
(at this point i was trying hard not to slap him)
Mr Husband - why don't i get you some shoes or a nice dress, how about perfume?
Me - (slightly raised voice and wanting to kill him) i don't want any of that crap i have a bedroom full of it and i don't use any of it anyway.
Mr Husband - How about i buy you a book?
Me - when we where at the book shop yesterday you said you would never to buy a book coz there a waste of money and they smell funny and you made me buy my own books..........I have an idea how about you just give me the money in cash and i will buy something i want with it? 
Mr Husband - that's a great idea when do you want the money!?
Me - I don't know when ever you want to give it to me.
Mr Husband - i'll give it to you tomorrow.

At this point i left the conversation quiet upset but thinking about what i want to do with my £30 pound. What to do.....thinking.......ta da i have decided i am getting my finger tattoos, here's what i am getting and what it represents to me. There going on my right hand and they will be part of my whole arm piece.

Dominoa mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes/ for me it means never reveal your true identity.
Sand timermeasures the passage of a few minutes or an hour of time/ for me it means Times running out too fast don't waste it.
Red heart - Love/ for me it means i have a lot of love to give and i love the world
PeaceFreedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility/ for me it means one day we will live in peace and be free.

I have a appointment booked for tuesday 4th for my hand tattoo's and an appointment booked on the 20th for the finish of my chest piece.
The chest piece is a birthday present for myself i will after all be 25 years old.

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