DIY: Sun glasses storage

All right people i know we all have sunglasses and we all have 1 simple problem 
where do we store them??
Most people just put them in a basket or in a draw i must say i am guilty for putting mine in the basket with other stuff they get scratched and broken. So here today i am gunner show you 2 different ways to store you sun glasses and normal glasses and any other glasses you have around the house.

Sunglasses holder 1: 

what you need:
Picture frame
netting staples

How to:
1: Get a empty photo frame
2: hammer small hook nails in to the frame, i would advice 4 hooks all together 2 on each side
3: Tie some string around the hooks and cut off the  extra
4: hang on the wall and place your sunglasses on it to keep them safe.

Sun glasses holder 2: Link
Now i never made this one but here is a link to number 2 it is very simple and you can change the style anyway you want and it don't cost anything to make.

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