I have been wanting to make a ring holder for a while now but you only ever see the one in boxes and i didn't want that! we got a new dryer recently and it had wooden things on the bottom of it (not sure what for) but Mr Husband just put them to one side so i decided to use them (it can only go wrong) and i went to the market and bought a few hooks screws that cost me 25p for 10 (he only had 10 left). No more nails is one of my house hold must haves it fixes anything and there's no drilling if you wanner put up a shelf.

(Tutorial at the bottom) 

What you need:
hook screws
wood (reclaimed if possible)
no more nails

How to:
1: Measure the piece of wood mark the middle, then measure the gap again and mark 
the middle.mine measures 7 hooks.
2: Screw the hooks into the wood one at a time and nice and tight.
3: Turn the wood over and apply no more nails to the back the stick it to the 
wall applying pressure. 
Leave to dry for 24 hours.

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