What Do My Dreams Mean?

Over the past couple of days i have been having lots of weird dreams some nice some not but there are a few that have made me really think about them, question them, ones that i want to talk about.

If anyone knows what dreams mean i could really do with your thoughts on this project.

First dream - I am falling down a really big chimney, at first i am screaming but coz i am falling for so long i stop screaming and just enjoy falling a bit more. Then i land on a wired framed bed. Then i jump and wake up.

Dream 2: I am being chased up a spiral stair case by a witch followed by a dragon then when i get to the top i have a choice to be killed or jump, i choose to jump! When i jump i wake up.

Dream 3: I am a private assassin i work under a very small group of people and we all have our own talents. My talents are demolition and combat/ fighting. I also have a thing for killing people in my dream i love to kill people and i love weapons.
I don't really wake up from this one the dream always starts the same but always ends diffidently but i always die in some way or another.

You all probley think i am crazy for having these kinda dreams where i love to kill people and silly dragons chasing me but i am not crazy and do you have the same dreams? What do they mean? 

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