My Personality Test Results

I took this personality test online and i'll tell you it is spot on here my result.

My personality stats: 
100% curious, 
100% introvert, 
glass half full, 
3/10 energy to spare, 


A sensitive soul with a with a expressive nature, you tend to be romantic at heart. sometimes you nothing more than escaping to your own dreamworld, Spontaneous new experiences can be inspiring to you and you like to explore you creative side.
Right now you feel a little lost, life can go either way However this uncertainty can be a positive way of taking a look at what you really wan and what you can do by making that change.
You have a healthy approach to life.
It is important for you to tap into you inner strength and to believe in your self.
Take on new challengers and stay stimulated so you remain enthusiastic and inspired by life.
As a seeker you get excited by new ideas, you like adventure and original experiences to stimulate and challenge your status Que.
Stay inspired by mixed activities,  find time for hobbies that let you explore your creative side. Nothing beat being out in the fresh air to keep you balanced and centered.
you under stand that change of scenery can invigorate you and remind you what matters the most in the world.

your struggling to get everything done at the moment, take time to think about to work toward your full potential.
As a seeker you think everything threw and see a clear vision of how you want things to be.
Sharing with others will show you were you are off the mark, 
When your in a position where you don't have to use all your talent it can be difficult to stay focused. If your feeling bored take control of what you do.

You have got a whole lot of love to give, you jump in feet first.
you have good instincts and a good understanding of who you are and what you want from life, you like to follow you dreams and believe in happy endings.
you are very expressive and like relationships to be very open and honest, for you its the little thing that make love special.

Your and adventure at heart. Expanding you horizons is for real pleasure. You love to discover new places and it really is the further the better. You keep your passport and credit card close.
Balanced and focused - your glass seem to be half full and your always happy for a top up.
you see life as a marathon rather than a sprint, you put every effort in everything you do and get a great sense of fulfillment in the end result.
Dedicated and committed.
for you getting away from it all means just that, Escaping into nature and heading off the beaten track is what you live for.
Putting a little away each month will help you focus on what you want.

Morning are not really you favorite time of the day, give your creative side a chance to take over a bit. 
woulda, shoula, coulda is not in your vocabulary.
you have learnt if you want to feel great you have to take positive steps.
It's all about having a twinkle in you eye and embracing every moment of every day.

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