Leaving present and Airport's

So today is the my last day we hit the road at midnight and hopefully get to the airport about 3am my flights at 6am and i am totally shitting the airport.

Mr Husband bought me a leaving present a nice new watch and a thermal pair of gloves then i got the whole safety speech, Again.

I have never flew before! And for the first time i am doing it on my own. Scared....

I don't think i am scared of the actual flying bit but more of the airport check's and security bits that you have to go threw, Why, you ask well because i have metal in my body from a accident years ago and i am covered in piercing but there not usual piercings.

When we went to France by ferry i was very nervous i had only had my passport 2 days and i thought they were never going to let me out the country i actually told the man in the box that the picture in the passport is me and i am English i am not illegal and i haven't had my passport very long! I just went in full jabber mode the man must have thought i was crazy i actually leaned over the feller in the drivers seat and hung out the window to talk to the man i was that nervous that's just at the ferry port at Dover what the hell do you think it's gunner be like at the airport?!!!.
Everyone tell's me everything will be ok and i just have to do what they say but i have never been one for security people, I used to get them to chase me in big super stores Just imagien if i get them to chase me around the airport they would never let me on the plane!
And the there's them things in the middle of escalators which you can slide down (i would never advise it coz you get very much shouted at)....... Now you see why i am worrying so much, It's like a playground for grown up's.

Have you had any bad experiences of the Airport's? Tell me you story, i'll tell you mine when i get to post again. Kay x

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