This project is with my left over fabric from my DIY: Hoody Re - fashion 

It also means the end of my 20 day challenge in all i managed to DIY 18 time's i hope you like what i have made and please go head and try these for your self just post me a link so i can see your amazing creations.

(Tutorial at the bottom)

long rectangle

choose the buttons

sew buttons on 

mark slits the other side

cut the slits

button the corset

making a pattern

sew it on the back

How to:
1: Cut the fabric in to a very long rectangle that fit around you waist snugly.
2: Then choose the buttons and size or shape that suits you when in position sew them on.
3: Measure on the other side where the slits will go remember they have to be in line with the buttons!

Making the pattern:
1: Cut strips from the remaining fabric (i did the same colour but you don't have to) 
2: Weave them together just remember "over and under" then once one line is where you want it sew it with a few small stitches.
3: Keep doing this process till you have the desired length. 
4: Turn the corset over place the pattern directly in the center (i placed mine like a diamond shape but you can do anything) pin in to position.
5: Sew all four corners to secure it in place, perfect your finished!


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