DIY: T - shirt to crop top refashion

I am a plus size lady and when it came to crop tops i never thought they were for me until i tried one on recently and well it turned out great and i love it so im gunner make more. 

Mr Husbands t - shirt to my crop top tutorial at the bottom. 

How to:
1: I removed the neckline and give myself a wider neck (i don't like clothes that choke you)
2: Measure on you where you want to crop the t - shirt with a non permanent mark 
with a ruler then cut with scissors.
3: Now feel free to design your new crop top for slits in the back like mine, turn the top over and with scissors roughly cut a few lines in the back about the same in length from top to bottom.
You are now the proud owner of your very own crop top, Work it!

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