DIY: Secret Pockets

Hidden pockets for hidden treasure i am going to use my for my travelling.
(Tutorial at the bottom)

What you need:
Rectangular pieces of fabric
(same color as your clothing the pockets are going in)

How to: 
1: Cut you fabric into rectangles.
2: Turn the fabric inside out and pin it around the edge's but leave 1 edge open 
3: Sew it all together 
4: Fold the top over of the one you left un stitched pin it then sew it make sure you leave a gap so it opens and you can get your hand in it .
5: When you have stitched it get your jeans/ jumper/ backpack and pin where you want them to go.
6:turn the clothing inside out and stitch the pocket on you clothing.

You now have a hidden pocket, you can put a zip or a button on the pocket.

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