DIY: Re Fashion T Shirt to fit me

Re - fashioning a t - shirt to fit me (coz i couldn't throw it away)
(Tutorial at the bottom)

cut slits in the side of the t shirt

on both sides

cut threw the middle also 

tie the loose strips together

on both sides

How to:
1: Lay the t - shirt in front of you and slit down the side to your required size mine was about 2 inch, do this on both sides.
2: Then cut up from the bottom of the t shirt to under the arm.
3: Tie the loose strips in double knots on both sides.
You might have to adjust under the arms and the sleeves but this is easily done.
4: Turn the shirt inside the measure your desired size 
(with mine i just needed to remove the hem)
5: Pin the edges together then i would advise double stitch (strong stitch)
6: Cut off any excess fabric, turn it the right way round then perfect you have finished.

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