DIY: Making and putting up a shelf

Hey people so today i have been making and putting up shelf's around the house i am going to show you how to do it with out a drill. Some of you will already know how to do this but others wont and this is more for the ladies who think they 
CANT but i say you defiantly CAN. 
(There is a tutorial at the bottom)

What you need: 
No nail 
spirit level
Safety goggles (for using the jigsaw)
(I used wood i had from a past project but you can easily buy some or its not nice to say it go looking for some you can make a shelf out of any wood as long as it don't 
have wood worm or rotting)

How to: 
1: Measure the size of the shelf you want, also measure the size of the 
batons to hold up the shelf.
2: Use the jigsaw to cut the shelf to size and to cut the baton out.
(if your not sure about using power tools then let some one else do it remember safety first) 
3: I sanded down the edge's but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.
4: Place the spirit level on the shelf then put the shelf where you want it and level it out, mark with a pencil where its going when level.
5: Put the shelf to one side, get the no nails and the batons squeeze the no nails on to one of the batons then push the baton to the wall where you marked with a pencil level with the line, do the same with the other one.
6: leave the batons to dry for 24 hours then place you shelf on to the batons gently.
This should be straight and fit perfectly.

There you go ladies you have just put up a shelf without the use of a scary drill. I know i don't like using it!

My batons have got a few hours of drying time left so the end result will come later also my cutting is not exsacly streight but who cares i don't!

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