I have been obsessed with bow ties for a while now i get gelouse when men wear them but you never see woman wear them so i have made my girl collection of the bow ties the first one is orange and black.
(tutorial at the bottom)

what you need:

1: find a piece of fabric that thick enough to hold a steady bow tie
2: Cut the fabric in to a rectangle shape, sew all the edges together leave about a inch un sewed to turn the fabric round.
3: Turn the bow the right way round, sew the remaining gap shut discreetly
4: to secure a bow shape just push the top and the bottom into the middle 
together and sew to secure.
5: if you want to hid the middle get a piece of fabric and sew around the middle also.
6: measure the elastic around your neck so it fits comfortable and not choke you.
 7: sew the elastic on the bow 
8: also sew small button on to the end of the elastic and a slit in the other end
9: check for size - if it fits sew the button on permanently.

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