DIY: Glitter Boots

These are my most favorite thing i have made i just love them but a lot of glitter goes on your feet!

What you need: 
Spray glue
Glitter (assorted/ mixed)
news paper

(Tutorial at the bottom)

How to:
1: Fill the boots with newspaper and lay some out on the floor/ table.
2: Get the spray glue and spray the front of the shoes the dab it with glitter. 
(i used a old make up brush)
3: do this all the way round in sections it will be easier.
4: Leave them to dry for a few hours before wearing.

Caution the spray glue smelly really bad so have a window open, glitter gets everywhere also after a few wears the excess glitter comes off if that happens then just reapply the glitter of it you like the faded look stick with that.

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