Answer my question's to be in for a chance to win

Hey guys so i am giving away some free mini hair straightener's from the tattoo range i really don't need them because i have no hair (i shave my head) so there up for grabs. Remember they are previously used but in mint condition.

What you have to do: 
1: Answer all 5 question correctly in a comment with your email address
2: also leave a link to a page about you that can be from a website/ blog or just a link to any page abut you.

Simple as that!

Now for the Questions!
Question 1: How far away is Saturn from the earth?
Question 2: How many pounds are in a kilogram?
Question 3: How much is 4 ounces?
Question 4: What color is blood in the body?
Question 5: What is a quadrilateral?

Here are your 5 question trust me there not hard 
Mini Tattoo Straightener's

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